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Object ID 1987.012.001
Object Name Publication
Scope & Content INVENTORY:
7 January 1822: Report of the Select Committee appointed on the 17th ultimo. to consider certain Treaties with the Creek and Cherokee Indians, and the articles of agreement and cession entered into on the 24th April 1802, between the United States and the state of Georgia; accompanied with Resolutions making appropriations for carrying into effect the Articles of Agreement and Cession entered into between the United States and the State of Georgia, on the 24th of April, 1802, and for other purposes (Georgia Compact)

16 April 1824: Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a report of the Secretary of War, respecting Proposals made by certain Cherokee Indians, for the Cession of their lands to the United States

12 January 1825: Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting copies of letters from Joseph McMinn, deceased, late agent of Indian Affairs, in the Cherokee Nation; together with a copy of the Plan Proposed by the direction of the Secretary of war, for the Extinguishment of the Cherokee Claim to Lands then occupied by them, in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama

8 December 1828: Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a copy Of the letter from the Cherokee Council to Col. Hugh Montgomery

5 February 1829: Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting such information as his office affords, of any compacts or agreements between the Creek and Cherokee Tribes of Indians, on the subject of their boundary line

17 February 1829: Memorial of John Ross, and others, in behalf of the Cherokee Nation

3 March 1829: Memorial of John Ross and others,
Representatives of the Cherokee Nation of Indians

11 January 1830: A Vindication of the Cherokee Claims, addressed to the Town Meeting in Philadelphia

18 January 1831: Memorial of a Delegation from the Cherokee Indians presented to Congress.

28 May 1831: Report from the Secretary of War, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate of the 24th instant, in relation to a reply from the Cherokee delegation to a communication addressed to them by him.

5 June 1838: In the Senate of the United States. Mr. White submitted the following Report: The Committee on Indian Affairs to whom were referred the message of the President of the United States, dated 21st of May, last, with the documents which accompanied it, and the report of the Secretary of War of the 24th, of the same month, on the SUbject of an appropriation for the benefit of the Cherokee Indians, have had the same under consideration, and respectfully submit the following report ...

11 August 1866: Message of the President of the United States transmitting a supplemental article to a treaty between the United States and the Cherokee Nation of Indians, concluded at Washington City, 19 July 1866, ratified with amendment 27 July 1866, amendment accepted 31 July 1866, and the whole proclaimed 11 August 1866

1866: Reply of the Southern Cherokees to the Memorial of certain Delegates from the Cherokee Nation, together with the Message of John Ross, Ex-Chief of the Cherokees and proceedings of the Council of the "Loyal Cherokees," relative to the Alliance with the So-Called Confederate States

28 February 1885: Old Settlers, or Western Cherokees. Mr. Peel from the Committee on Indian Affairs submitted the following report ....

18 June 1934: Public-No. 383 -- An act to conserve and develop Indian lands and resources; to extend to Indians the right to form businesses and other organizations; to establish a credit system for the Indians; to grant certain rights of home rule to !ndians; to provide vocational education for Indians; and for other purposes. (2 copies) (Indian Reorganization Act)

Catalog type Archive
Collection Cherokee Indians: Government Printings
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact